Buntsandsteingebiet um Stadtroda Buchschatten
Buchschatten Buchschatten
15x21 cm, 176 pages, many coloured photos, pen drawings and maps, brochure, thread-stitching
ISBN 978-3-937107-23-3, 16,90 €
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Naturwanderungen um Jena
Band 3
Buntsandsteingebiet um Stadtroda
Walking Tours. Volume 3: Field Guide in the Bunter Area of Stadtroda its Surroundings
Peter Rode, Roland Stracke, Dieter Weiß

This series explores the flora, fauna, geology, hydrology, farming and foresting, viticulture, sights and scenic spots in and around Jena as well as its history. Pop-scientific depictions for walking tours on well-described routes, including information on interesting particulars of the local nature.

Volume 3

This volume describes the surrounding of  the little town Stadtroda in the east of Jena. In the first part are introduced: Geology, basic materials of the region, hydrology, history of agriculture, wood culture, and colonisation of this landscape and history of Stadtroda. Your get informations about vegetation and fauna, important trees and about nature conservation. In the second part of the book the nature of Stadtroda is experienced in 4 side routes for walking tours.

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