Die Vogelwelt im Landkreis Nordhausen und am Helmestausee Buchschatten
Buchschatten Buchschatten
17×24 cm, 420 pages, detailed description, 59 maps, 92 diagrams, 46 tables und 63 coloured photos, hardcover, thread-stitching
ISBN 978-3-9807629-7-7, 33,90 €
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Die Vogelwelt im Landkreis Nordhausen und am Helmestausee
The Avifauna of the District Nordhausen and at the Helme Storage Lake
Manfred Wagner, Joachim Scheuer (Hrsg.)

The first comprehensive description of birdlife in that region ever published. It is based on decades of studies and, by including historical notes and facts, of value to the ornithological expert as well as to the layman interested in ornithology. The region of Northern Thuringia offers an extremely rich variety of species (a vast range of brooders as well as resting birds and birds of passage). Illustrative and clear description of a total of 311 bird species, their habitats, natural environments, the habitats of breeders, an evaluation of approx. 76,000 ringed birds at Lake Helmestausee (Ramsar wildlife reserve, international bird sanctuary (SPA) and “wetlands of international importance“), bird maps and numerous photographs in colour.

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