Die Orchideengattungen Anacamptis, Orchis, Neotinea. Buchschatten
Buchschatten Buchschatten
17×24 cm, 544 pages, approximately 700 pictures and extra 113 hybrids on more than 250 pictures, many maps and schematic diagrams - hardcover, thread-stitching
ISBN 978-3-937107-11-0, 89,00 €
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Die Orchideengattungen Anacamptis, Orchis, Neotinea.
Phylogenie, Taxonomie, Morphologie, Biologie, Verbreitung, Ökologie, Hybridisation
The Orchid Genera Anacamptis, Orchis, Neotinea.
Systematics, Taxonomy, Morphology, Biology, Distribution, Ecology,
Horst Kretzschmar, Wolfang Eccarius, Helga Dietrich

Complex fundamental work on Orchid Genera with many clans, updated classification of 36 species and 38 subspecies. During recent years, methods of molecular biology have decisively clarified the relationships of many groups of plants. Within orchids in particular, it was found that two groups of species, up to now belonging to the genus Orchis, in fact belong to the genera Anacamptis or Neotinea, whereas only one species of the genus Aceras needs to be integrated into the genus Orchis.

Within this book the authors offer a well-founded clarification of this eurasiatic distributed groups of orchids. Based on clear phylogenetic concepts, these groups have been reorganised under their morphological and chorological characters, resulting in a monography of these three genera. Nomenclature has been adapted to the existing relationships, leading to the recombination of some taxa. The presentation of phylogenetic fundamentals is completed with keys to determine the genera, species and subspecies, and by the description of all included taxa, their delimitation to each other, their variability, ecology, biology, distribution, and threat. Opening chapters describe the history of the exploration of the genus Orchis and give an overview of the new methods on which these taxa have been founded. Previously unseen details of vegetative and generative phases, structures of flowers, SEM images of pollinaria and seeds, along with photographs of all species, subspecies and types within their habitat, and maps of their distribution; for the first time ever, all hybrids of these genera are presented with descriptions and photographs.

The new book offers an overview of these genera and will be an essential aid to determining each species, subspecies and their hybrids, which can sometimes be extremely difficult. This book will also improve and bring the personal knowledge of botanists and orchid lovers right up to date on this complicated group of orchid genera.

The Authors

Horst Kretzschmar and Wolfgang Eccarius are highly acknowledged and passionated orchid experts for decades. On many excursions and meticulous scientific work they accumulated an immense knowledge about orchids. Both are highly reputed authors of numerous scientific publications. Together with the botanist Helga Dietrich and in close co-operation with Richard Bateman the state-of-the-art knowledge regarding the genera Anacamptis, Orchis and Neotinea was summarised in the present book. H. Dietrich acted in research and education at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (Germany) for many decades. Besides she was the highly engaged director of the Botanical Garden Jena. She published a number of ambitious research articles and books and is active popular scientific communication.


  • History of the genera Anacamptis, Orchis and Neotinea
  • Concept of species and its base
  • Modern investigation methods in systematics
  • Key to genera of Anacamptis, Orchis and Neotinea
  • Systematics, taxonomy, morphology, biology, ecology and distribution of these genera and their species
  • Hybridisation with these genera
  • Doubtful hybrids
  • Intergeneric hybrids of nothogenus ×Serapicamptis
  • Interspecific hybrids of genus Anacamptis
  • Interspecific hybrids of genus Neotinea
  • Interspecific hybrids of genus Orchis

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