Hobbyweinbau Buchschatten
Buchschatten Buchschatten
15x21 cm, 174 pages, over 60 pictures, coloured photo tables, brochure, thread-stitching, third revised edition
ISBN 978-3-9807629-6-0, 16,90 €
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Anbau - Pflege - Weinbereitung. Das Praxishandbuch vom Fachmann.
Viticulture as a Hobby
Harald Bocker

A compact and comprehensive book for lovers of fine wines who want to grow vine in their own backyard and process the grapes. This guide describes in detail every practical issue from planting the vine to the processing of the grapes and offers all necessary background information. The history of viticulture, composition and physiology of the grapevine, easy-to-follow directions (including numerous illustrations). Information about prerequisites, planting, possible ways of cultivation and raising. Practical instructions for cutting, annual care, required equipment and utensils, pest control, common diseases and their causes resp. parasites. Harvesting, testing of new wine, ingredients, instructions on fermentation and storage in barrels and ripening, filling and tasting, flaws and diseases as well as the evaluation of grape juices and wines.

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