Spring flowers around Jena Buchschatten
Buchschatten Buchschatten
17×24 cm, 256 pages, 
hardcover, thead-stitching,
with over 200 pen drawings and coloured photos to 52 spring flowers and with SEM images of pollen and seeds and with maps of their distribution within Thuringia

ISBN 978-3-937107-15-8, 19,90 €
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Aus der Flora Thüringens
Frühblüher um Jena

Flora of Thuringia / Spring Flowers around Jena

Helga Dietrich and Wolfgang Heinrich

The botanists Helga Dietrich und Wolfgang Heinrich present 52 of the interesting spring flowers, ordered by their habitat. So the plants can be determined. The authors connect known and unknown facts:
Biological charakteristics,
nature conservation and
mens influence,
their healing powers as well as magic powers and

Walking tours around Jena illustrate the description.
But this book is appropriate to learn more about spring flowers all over Thuringia.

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