Education in forestry in Thuringia Buchschatten
Buchschatten Buchschatten
17×24 cm, 192 pages, 
over 100 photos and documents,
ISBN 978-3-937107-18-9, 19,90 €
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Forstausbildung in Thüringen
Schwarzburg 1946 - 2008
Helmut Witticke und Martin Heinze

Education in forestry; School in Schwarzburg 1946 - 2008

This book gives an overview about the history in education of forestry in Thuringia since world war II. It shows the developement of education, the teachers and students. Many photographs and documents are included.
The authors are insiders and close connected with the education in Schwarzburg.
They present an contemporary document in this theme.

The authors

Prof. Witticke und Prof. Heinze are one of the last important teachers in the Schwarzburg Forestry School. 

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