Im Wald der Auerhühner Buchschatten
Buchschatten Buchschatten
17×17 cm, 48 pages, coloured with unique color animal photos, hardcover, thread-stitching
ISBN 978-3-9807629-0-8, 7,65 €
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Im Wald der Auerhühner
In The Forest of the Grouts
Hans-Heiner Bergmann, Siegfried Klaus, Martina Leimkühler

A technical book for children on how to protect a threatened bird species, including unique colour photos. Two children learn a lot about the rare wood-grouse and get to meet the secret residents of the grouse forest. A picture book that starts with the mating season in spring, covers the leading of the chicks and the disintegration of the mother family in autumn and ends with the birds’ adapting to the winter.

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